Cheddar Cheese (CP)

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Sweet Cheddar Cheese was abandoned when his abusive owners moved due to foreclosure. Before that, he’d search outside if there was no food in the house and that’s how he met me. Thankfully, he knew exactly where to go for help once he was locked out for good! Our house is the first safe stable loving home he’s ever known in his life. Cheddar has every reason not to trust people, but instead he’s very affectionate and loves to be pet! After spending much of the winter outside, he rarely leaves his heating pad or electric blanket, so an indoor home only is required. For now, Cheddar does best when given cozy nooks to lay under of which he has several where he can watch everybody, but still feel secure. He also loves to lay and watch TV or nap with his person, a real lounge lizard in training! He’ll make you cheese biscuits and purr up a storm! He especially enjoys his very own bowl full of kibble any time he wants it and is crazy for wet food. Cheddar sits quietly on the sidelines watching his foster cat siblings play, so he could be happy with another cat as long as it’s very friendly. Because he’s had to defend himself outside for survival against feral cats and was often injured, he cannot be in a home with cat aggression. The day I finally earned his trust and brought him inside, I promised him that his struggles were over for good and that he’d live in complete comfort for the rest of his life! After watching him suffer outside for so long, now his happiness is everything to me. Cheddar is so sweet and grateful and has not stopped “thanking” us for rescuing him. This boy is a great companion and I love spending every day showing him just how nice life can be. I’ve never seen a cat so calm and content. One word to describe him would be “chill”. He really is the perfect pet who’d make an exceptional addition to a loving forever household. He’s a very special little dude!

Cheddar Cheese is about 1 year old, 11 lbs, tested FIV/Leuk negative, dewormed, shots, flea/tick treated, bathed, brushed, nails trimmed, microchipped, just neutered, and litter box trained.

Available for adoption in the Mechanicsburg, PA area. Application, references, meet and greet, home visit, adoption agreement, and $85 fee. Contact: Kirsten at kirstensarp@gmail.com

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