Post-Adoption Q&As

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Q: Will I be given information about caring for and feeding my new pet?
A: Any information we have about the pet’s background, foster home experience, feeding schedule, and daily routine will be passed on to you through the foster family. The foster family will be happy to answer any/all additional questions you may have.

Q: What kinds of things should I purchase from a pet store to get ready for my new pet?
A: Puppies and dogs come with a collar and leash. You will also receive a starter amount of the dog food that is currently being fed. You can use this to transition to whatever brand of food you prefer. We also send along an adoption kit that contains lots of goodies and a few toys to get you started. Other things you might need immediately are a crate or dog bed, transport kennel and an ID tag.

Cats and kittens are also sent home with an adoption kit that contains food, lots of goodies and a few toys to get you started. You will need a cat carrier and a litter pan before the arrival of your new addition.

Q: Are we responsible for veterinary care or do you take care of that?
A: Furry Friends will be responsible for all veterinary care up until the adoption is completed. At that time we expect you to have a vet lined up to care for your new addition. We do suggest that all adopted animals have a vet visit within the first month of adoption just to be sure all parasites are cleared up and to establish a relationship with their new doctor.

Q: How soon will I need to take my pet to the vet, and how will I know what needs to be done?
A: Your pet will come with a complete medical history. This will include information on any required vet visits that need to be scheduled and when they are due. The medical history will also include instructions on any medications your pet might currently be receiving.

Furry Friends always recommends that you take your new pet to the vet for a ‘wellness’ checkup shortly after your adoption, even if there are no required visits needed. You can take along the information we provided you, and your vet can keep or copy any papers they want for their own files.

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